The James Bond Men by Bilionaire

Men, watch out! For next Spring / Summer, Billionaire collection is inspired by the glamorous world of James Bond. Secret Agent 007 has a lot in common with the brand’s new collection: both are international jetsetters, lifelong playboys and always on a mission. They live life as they drive their cars, fast but always in control. The summer wardrobe, from the man devised by Billionaire, has versatile pieces, which can be combined with each other, both day and night. Everything is very easy to-go, but attention, each piece has a special detail, because the class is always, always present! The color chart is very lively, and alternates between the exotic places that the Billionaire man moves, such as: Saint Tropez, St Barths, Belize and Jamaica. To know more about this collection, check out the photos:

Beyoncè has given birth

Apparently, the world’s most famous twins were born! The international press does not stop, and officially announced the birth of the twins and said that Beyonce and Jay Z are trhilled! The pregnancy of Queen B was accompanied worldwide, and by the way she enjoyed the 9 months of gestation. Each week she’d publish a click displaying her beautiful and huge belly! While we do not have official photos of the twins that apparently is a boy and a girl, we brought some photos of the essays made by Beyonce. Check it out:

How to be #Strepitosa:

What makes you feel comfortable on everyday life? For me it is to be able to find the time to devote to myself, especially in those chaotic days where one overlaps many different appointments. I believe that each of us deserves a personal cuddle, just to relax, or to take care of the skin and body. Besides, is it not the desire of all of us, trying to relax in this world of commitments and responsibilities? But to feel comfortable is over relaxation, for me it means having an unconditional and total care of myself, starting with the choice of the the look that I decided to interpret, even without a particular reason. I believe that trying to feel comfortable is a major requirement to be good with yourself, and to be able to enjoy full of your own beauty and vitality. Here is what is true luxury for me!…

After the French maison Chanel, presenting its Cruise2018 collection at “home”, it was Miuccia Prada’s turn to parade her newest collection on Italian lands, more precisely in Milan,…