April 2017


Hotel Gallia and Vestiaire Collective: What is it about

What do you mean about LUXURY? The answer can change personally, but we have tried something that could collect all the different meanings. The prestigious Italian hotel in Milan, Excelsior Hotel Gallia, created a “très chic” collaboration with the Vestiaire Collective platform, the first online luxury second-hand shop. In fact, you can book one of the Gallia Suites dedicated to this project, and then you can choose during your stay, up to 3 types of accessories per day, which can be bags, necklaces, bracelets and more, all exclusive and from Maisons like Chanel, Dior, and Hermès. That is, you can go to stroll one of the fashion capitals, which is Milan, mixing vintage fashion accessories with your best clothes, creating a unique style! Also, after your stay you can even choose to buy the most exclusive accessories. From now you can understand what LUXURY means according to Hotel Gallia…

All white everything

Welcome to the newest Culture & Trend, we’ve changed the entire  layout to make you feel more at home, allowing you to find the articles and sections you like most more easily. We’ve stayed off for a while, but now we’re back with all the strength, hoping you like this new C & T world, which will provide articles on a broader range of topics to meet almost all tastes and interests. As the first article in the “new” site, we chose something very feminine and trendy: white clothes! Not only do brides wear them, indeed, with the summer approaching here in the northern hemisphere, it’s the right time to choose your favorite one. We chose 4 sites that seemed to offer the most attractive white outfits: Zara, Asos, Revolve and Nasty Gal. Choose your favorite:

Spring Sprung with Kate by Laltramoda

Spring sprung and has brought with it warmer days and lighter outfits. Kate by Laltramoda created a capsule collection that sums up the spring and the current trends in its garments. An explosion of flowers characterizes the collection with a feminine and romantic charm. The pieces are made for young and trendy women, who express her personality and her style with oversized shirts, dresses with puffed sleeves and much more. Check out: IT- La primavera è arrivata ed ha portato con se giornate più calde e outfit più leggeri. Kate by Laltramoda propone una capsule collection che riassume la primavera e le tendenze attuali nei suoi capi. Un’esplosione di fiori caratterizza la collezione con un fascino femminile e romantico. I pezzi sono fatti per una donna giovane e alla moda, che esprime la sua personalità e il suo stile con camicie oversized, abiti con maniche a sbuffo e altro. Check…