Taking care of your body is something very important and it is no longer a novelty that we like to give you some golden tips to keep you in shape. Nowadays many people are becoming aware of this fact and we can say that we are experiencing a wave of “Healthy”.
Even in the hectic routine I live in, I’ve been able to organize myself to be able to practice exercises and to pay attention to diet (which makes a big difference in addition to the gym, for those who are looking for a more dry physical).
To help me in this healthy task, I trusted myself to SkinnyCo products, the products are of great help to my weight loss program and also to maintain my nutritional goals.

The site offers a variety of ready-to-use kits for every type of need, for example, for me that I’m still in the initial phase of exercise and diet, the kit that best met me was the Skinny Shake Starter Kit, with various products like Packs with nuts mix (a great and healthy alternative to snacks when hunger strikes me); A huge package of shake (which a bottle is equivalent to a meal); and even mini packs of other Shakes, plus a bottle made specifically to prepare the various Shakes, absolutely to taste the one with Belgian chocolate flavor which is excellent. The products are also able to create recipes (which can also be found on their site), for example using and mixing SkinnyCo products with fruit, is a delight!
In particular, I created a protein frappé, the recipe is simple:
1 dose of Skinny Shake Very Vanilla
1/2 apple
1/2 of banana
(Fruits can be frozen or you can add ice)
Blend everything well and it’s ready! 
Super easy, right?
All of these elements are part of my newest healthy lifestyle and I am very pleased with the results that motivate me to go further!
And you? How about adopting a healthier lifestyle with SkinnyCo’s help?

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