First, postcards were a much used as souvenir than now: when you traveled, it was a must to buy one to send to your loved ones.  Nowadays, we do not see much of this practice, but are still on sale all over the world and still have their charm.  Postcards re printed with beautiful landscapes or iconic images of the place , so here it is a good idea: how about collecting your postcards to use them in the decor of your room? The result is very unique! Take a look at the inspirations we’ve brought for you: 

The first suggestion is to put the postcards on the boards! Using your own creativity. Glue them on the wall is simple and can provide a special corner in your room! Put them all together to create a different format or just put them close together. We like the idea of ​​doing it on a wall with a certain space and not to hanging against furniture, leaving them alone in contrast to the empty wall. Other cool ideas would be postal walls: put them on the desk or glued to the door of the room.

Continue collecting postcards that you will soon be able to create something stylish and cool.


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