Days of Fashion Week are a total delirium, traffic jam, taxi that does not arrive, the subway that is far away, the high heel that does not help us to run. Whoever lives or is always in big cities, as well as airports, knows how difficult it is to get a taxi without waiting too long, specially if we are late for some meeting, it will take even longer.
For the first time I did not have these problems during a Fashion Week, in Paris I always had Blacklane with me.
Blacklane is a global group that offers private transport services since 2012.
I arrived in Paris and my driver was already waiting for me at the airport, during my days in Paris it rained almost always, which made my life easier was to always have Blacklane services available from one show to another, and even a free afternoon I had a super driver who in a few hours took me to meet several places in Paris with a Pitstop in my favorite coffee shop.
My return to Italy was at 06:40 in the morning, I scheduled the driver for the 04:30 in the hotel and he punctually was there.
Without having to wait or being afraid to miss the flight.
One of the most important things I think is the security that Blacklane offers, as soon as we confirm the ride, Blacklane sends an email with all the information from the driver, including the cell phone number, and an e-mail or a message that the car is waiting for you .
With Blacklane everything is simpler and faster, just schedule the ride through the site or the IOS and Android App .. Everything with just a click, without any headache.
A nice curiosity is that in the clients can choose the class divided in m four categories that satisfies our budget and also our needs.


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