Dear readers, fasten your seat belts because Philipp Plein’s engines have been lit and the speed is high!
Every season, Philipp Plein surprises his guests by presenting a real show during fashion week!
This time, as always, the parade reached a very high speed and the spectators were well open-mouth.
Culture & Trend team had the pleasure to attend this fashion parade/show, which happened last Saturday, June 17 in Milan during the Men’s Fashion Week.
For the upcoming Spring / Summer 2018, Philipp Plein revives and unleashes a swift, glorious parade in a pedal-to-the-metal style with pieces inspired by the celebrated Grease movie. The models represented juvenile delinquents from West Side Story, with their cigarettes tucked behind their ears.
These rock and roll “rebels” paraded in their jeans and of course leather jackets that were covered with flags, skulls and “Glorious Bastards” insignia, and jeans, were decorated with flames. Plein’s signature stands out in the best for this collection. The leather jackets are decorated with airbrushed paintings of ‘Death Proof’ hot rods and skulls with lightning bolts
The collection has a great visible impact, because it has a strong character and statement! Designed for bad boys and bad girls who do not want to go unnoticed, have a “rebel heart” and want adrenaline for life!
“Noise, power and speed is their religion. No guts, no glory their mantra”

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