Welcome to a futuristic vision of gladiatorial combat, a world where only the strongest survive and win is the only goal. Let the games begin, this is the sports line signed by Philipp Plein, the so called Plein Sport!
Culture & Trend went to check out the gym line show for next spring / summer 2018 which has a complete segment of clothes and accessories for sports, such as: hoddies, sweatshirts, leggings, vests, all produced with technical and innovative fabrics designed to adapt and change according to the demands of the body during the workout, keeping the body temperature cool while the temperature caused by the exercises increases, and keeping dry as the exercise intensifies. The Plein Sport line combines materials of netting and streching, making each piece move along with the body. The news of the collection are the sneakers, including an extensible sock version, incorporating a unique cutting edge finish to ensure stability, support and suspension,
Everything is very well studied, to achieve our best performance during workout!
As for the prints, the famous tiger appears with its claws throughout the collection: scratched in sleeves and gym bags. Force and support phrases like ‘Be Legendary!’ And ‘Run Faster’ are applied to the pants.
Since the Sport line was born, 9 months ago, it continues to grow and emerges as an unstoppable force, following the mantra: Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger!
Check out the photos:

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