A hair treatment inspired by Mother Nature? Only Aveda can provide such a deep ritual of beauty.
Have you ever stopped thinking that we often do not take care of our scalp? In fact, we pay much more attention to the length, but we often forget the most important part: the scalp. After all, it’s where our hair is born, and if it is not properly treated, it may damage its growth.
Thinking of all this, Aveda developed a new treatment: Pramasāna ™ Scalp Care. A set of products made up of 96% elements taken in nature.
The Culture & Trend team was delighted to try this new line of products here in Milan at the Lepri Hair Spa. We had a relaxing morning of care and cuddles, thanks to the staffs, who, in additionc to taking care of our hair, explained step by step of this ultra refreshing treatment which consists of instruments (brush) and targeted formulas for the care of our scalp (cleansing gel, protective serum and nutrition mask).
The products deeply cleans the scalp and naturally stimulate the growth of new cells.
Pramāsana is inspired by an Indian practice, whose name comes from a combination of two words: Prama (base) and Asana (yoga position).
This beauty ritual starts at Aveda’s hairdressing salon, but can also be taken home, so you can continue with the same care to revitalize our scalp as beauty comes from the root of our hair!

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