The summer has officially arrived in Europe!
And to celebrate this season, Hawaiian Tropic hosted a super special event in a breathtaking location! The “Aloha Therapy” event took place at the new Milan hotel VIU, on a perfect sunny afternoon by the pool with an ultra Hawaiian mood. I had the opportunity to meet some friends, and drink special cocktails like Hawaiian Colada to refresh. But it did not stop there, the best part was the Hawaiian massage I received, a moment of absolute relaxation, just incredible. 
For such a long time I’m a declared fan of the Hawaiian Tropic products, as they possess an excellent range of products that take ingredients like moisturizing silk ribbons, making the skin soft, while the unmistakable tropical scent gives a summer sensation all year round.
Talking about products, every year comes a breakthrough in the Hawaiian Tropic family, and this time I’ve tasted 4 of them: 
Silk Hydration Air Soft Spray, a protective lotion and ideal for those who do not like the feeling of heavyness that some creams leave at the skin; 
Silk Hydration Air Soft Face SPF 30, this product is simply what I needed, is a 30 factor sunscreen with natural silk proteins, and can be used as the base for makeup; 
Oil C-Spray, this is another product that I fell in love with, it is a bronzer spray that leaves a super natural and long lasting, besides leaving the skin ultra soft; 
Last but not least, Sensitive Skin Face, the protective cream factor 50 (best suited to protect the skin every day from the sun’s rays) is studied to satisfy and not to attack the most delicate skins. 
Well, as you may see, for this year, my beach kit is complete, thanks to Hawaiian Tropic!

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