Having a hair care routine is very important, and having the right products for it is even more important. That’s why we rely on Adorn, a super fun brand that gives us the freedom to play with our hair without fear of ruining them.
The Culture & Trend team received a complete Adorn product kit, and we brought them here today so you can get to know them too, check below:
– Volume alle stelle:
Spray that creates volume and protects hair from moisture
– Testa Fra Le Nuvole:
Protective mousse and long-lasting smooth
– Olio Dei Desideri:
With 3 functions: before using shampoo, with wet hair and with dry hair for a finishing illuminator.
– Ricci Senza Capricci:
Unruly curly hair? With this cream there is no more concern because it controls and defines the curls.
– Ti Piaci e Non Ti Bruci
Protects the hair from the heat from the dryer and flat iron.
Did you see? There are several styles for any type of need!
Culture & Trend is having fun without fear.

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