Another gourmet tip for you. 
This time this is the Osteria del Portone, which combines tradition and innovation in its dishes, a few steps from Milan.
The inn was born in the distance of 1722 and since then it enchants customers and visitors with a delicious menu made of dishes revisited in a simple but tasteful way.”
Culture & Trend had the opportunity to have a dinner at the Osteria, and had a great experience of flavors already starting from bread, strictly made at home.
In addition to the room accommodating up to 90 guests, the place has a beautiful garden, a bar to enjoy some drinks and, a cellar, a truly magical place.
But let’s talk about delicious and magical flavors such as the horse tartare with a “Parisi” egg, an absolute must-have, along with Risotto Carnaroli San Massimo with goat Montevecchia with lemon scent, but you can not do without also taste the meat, an Australian Black Angus sirloin, tender and refined.
To close the dinner with the icing on the cake, a good drink at the bar inside the garden is a great option.
Osteria del Portone, an ancient soul but in keeping with evolution. A simple kitchen with creative touches and excellent taste, with flavors and scents from the tradition of Italian cuisine.
The family management of the restaurant allows you to touch real traditional Lombard cuisine, we can not wait to go back!

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