During the madness of fashion week it is difficult to find time to sit and eat calmly, so we always choose places that can serve something quick and preferably healthy. We had the privilege of lunching at the Squirrel Restaurant, which offers a great variety of super healthy salads, sandwiches and drinks.
The concept of the restaurant is Grab & Go, and was opened in the summer of 2016 in South Kensington, the privileged area of ​​London.”
We went there to have a quick but tasty lunch and it was exactly what we found, a salad dish rich in delicious ingredients and to accompany it, a juice with vegetables.
Every day, food is prepared in local cuisine to meet a menu that has been carefully organized by a nutritionist.
Squirrel is open from 7am is also the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, with a morning menu that includes breakfast with eggs, toast with avocado as well as organic porridge and yogurt with many condiments.
All this works in a practical and fast way, for quick stops, but in good taste.

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