A new fragrance was born in Jo Malone London’s home, English Oak, a line created through exploration of forests and English wood.
The main source of inspiration was the forests, mainly the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire that expresses magic and mystery, as well as of course the oak, symbol of power and nobility.
Speaking of oaks, this tree is unique, majestic and mysterious, adding depth to the fragrance, giving a feeling of intensity. To extract these rich and noble wood properties was made an exclusive process for Jo Malone London through high temperature smoke, creating a sweet, enveloping base.
The collection originally started with a unique scent, English Oak & Hazelnut, but during different experiments, another irresistible scent, called English Oak and Redcurrant, was created, softer than the original that is spicy and woody.”
One of the curiosity of this line is that the perfumes can be mixed with other fragrances and even between them, creating a fresh and spicy scent with a lively touch.

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