Last month, a recent boutique in Milan, L’Ile Douce, was inaugurated.
Pastry that brings French inspiration with modern sweets like cakes, macarons, croissants, biscuits and more, all created by young chef Fabrizio Barbato.
The chef’s proposal is to create sweet sweets with low sugar content in order to be good and balanced.”
Douce also has a luxurious tea room with a tea expert for a moment of peace and relaxation.
But it’s not just about the desserts we’re talking about here, but the pastry also offers some savory delicacies such as bagels and quiche, and even a light lunch.
During the weekend Ile Douce offers a delicious brunch to enjoy!
However, there are many options in the magic French specialty lab.
Anyone who is in Milan or who is passing by should visit the pastry store :

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