On October 27 was the birthday of our co-founder, Juliane Borges, and she was in Milan at the La Rampina restaurant where she celebrated with a lunch. La Rampina is more than a restaurant: a cozy alchemy, able to carry its guests in a Renaissance dimension, endowed with an unmistakable “home” air.”

The kitchen is handed down from generation to generation in the tradition of the Gagliardi family, where Father Lino shares his most traditional ideas with his son Luca, who tries to give him a more innovative cut in order to create specialties that revise in a way the traditions of Lombardy are original.

Savoring the dishes of La Rampina, such as risotto for example, you have the feeling of making a journey in the evolution of the best Italian cuisine.

Simplicity is a source of inspiration for the menu, ranging from international flavors to meat, fish and vegetables, all of high quality ingredients and often zero kilometers.

It was a rich lunch full of flavors and history, because after lunch the chef Lino Gagliardi welcomed us in his world to show us and explain the curiosity of this historic restaurant, which is a few miles from Milan and worth a visit.


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