When it comes to projects to help those who need it most, we at Culture & Trend are always promoting and / or participating.
And this time it is The Vintage Project, an initiative created by the newly-disappeared Franca Sozzani, consisting of a “Charity Shop” that is held in temporary editions (currently present at the Scalo Milano Shopping Village), where they sell articles and accessories of brand of fashion and design, but also used and sold by private individuals, in order to raise funds for oncology and cardiovascular research by IEO, the European Institute of Oncology.”
IEO was founded in 1994, and their commitment to a non-cancer world is articulated by integrating different activities: prevention and diagnosis, education and training in health, research and care. To support research and prevention, the IEO-CCM Foundation has decided, amongst the various initiatives, to devote an ambitious project that combines the fashion world with Research: The Vintage Project. And here’s how it was born, and we’ve worked with them by shooting some outfits with their garments.
It’s really a great initiative, and it’s worth knowing and looking for information about it.
Take a look at the photos:

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