Milan is an increasingly international city and to be able to meet the needs of people from all over the world must constantly evolve.
One of the sectors that has had to adapt to different needs is that of restaurants.
Therefore, in the month of October, Gialle & Co was inaugurated in Milan, the first restaurant in the city that transforms and reinterprets the typical English-baked potato. The range of flavors is wide, with vegetarian and vegan options as well.”
Everything was born in London, when five friends looking for a typical restaurant near the hotel found themselves in a pub where the hostess welcomed them saying that they could enjoy the best potato cropped in the English city. But the taste did not satisfy any of the 5, it was then that one of them challenged the woman to cook an Italian potato, giving life to the first recipe of baked potatoes of Gialle & Co, Threecolore.
The options range from 7 to 11 €, with funny and ironic names such as the concept of the place: Fishytariane for those who love fish, Meatariane for those who love the taste of meat, Veggytariane and Vegane.
If you are in Milan you must stop, the restaurant is in Via A. Volta, 12.

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