A debutante is a girl or a young woman from an aristocratic or upper-class family who has reached maturity and, like a new adult, comes out in society in a formal “debut”. It’s normal to see such things in movies, but in reality the debutante thing really exist.”

And it was at the end of last year in Turin that the 23rd edition of “Vienna sul Lago” was held, a great event of training, culture and solidarity with debutantes from all over Italy.

The Gran Ballo della Venaria Reale, a charity night, represents for these thirty debutants and for their Cavalieri, the official students of the Naval Academy of Livorno, an important moment of culture and solidarity. These young couples, on the notes of the Mozart Orchestra of Turin, have crossed the Great Gallery of the Savoy Royal Palace and, step by step, have met the eyes of the public until they reach the emotional and joyful eyes of their families who were present that night extraordinary, whose entire proceeds went to charity in favor of CISOM (Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta).

For the seventh consecutive year debutants wore the clothes of Carlo Pignatelli who for this edition of the dance was inspired by Princess Lady Diana Spencer.

The night was full of extraordinary moments for these young women and their families who can not wait for the next edition.


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