Who accompanies us knows that at the beginning, one of the first brands that dressed us for our first fashion week was Ultràchic Milano.
And in this fall / winter season in Milan fashion week, the brand made its debut on the runways, with an irreverent, ironic and creative show!
The inspiration of Diego Dossola, was a wardrobe of the ’70s, with references to tennis stars, Borg and McEnroe.”
Inspirations to recreate daring and unexpected combinations and adaptations!
A mixture of styles, fabrics and shapes that make this new collection a single mash-up to discover.
The brand, collection after collection, does not lose its DNA, or combine, in a perfectly balanced contrast, the sophistication of the cuts of an ultra-feminine wardrobe with totally unique prints, capricious and irreverent, representing a woman who is sure of herself, decidedly independent and contemporary.

Photo: @martidall

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