With winter, our skin dries a lot and stays dry until the beginning of spring.
But why do we have dry skin? Here is the answer!
Dry skin may depend on a defect in the protection of the hydrolipid barrier: the skin lacks hydration factors, able to maintain the optimal level of hydration; the hydro-lipid mantle is poor in ceramides and epidermal lipids that remain intact and compact, leading to a transepidermal water loss.
Eliminating the dry effect of the skin seems to be very complicated because the correct products are not always used.
That’s why, from the Dermatological research Giuliani, Lichtena® Lenixer Restructuring Body Cream is born. A triple effect cream:
Reduction of pruritus, thanks to Zanthalene, the active ingredient of natural origin, even the most sensitive, very dry and scaly skin can find relief and comfort from itching already from the first application of the product.”
Intense nutrition: the combination of Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Oil, Shea Butter – provides the lipids needed to restore the skin, nourish intensely.
Long-lasting hydration The ldractivePLUS complex consists of a mixture of active ingredients that have a double value: they reconstitute the MFN, favoring the restoration of the skin barrier. Not only is hydration better, but also longer lasting.
A particularly delicate formula, without parabens, makes the skin cream suitable for children and adults.
It’s really a fantastic product!
Culture & Trend approves!


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