Traveling is a real adventure and the hotel is the important part of this adventure, especially if it is located at strategic points.

If you are looking for a chain of hotels that enjoy this feature, OD Hotels is for you. The group in fact has as its priority that of positioning itself in nerve centers in every city where they decide to open a hotel.”

Moreover, the convenience of OD Hotels is the fact that it has a car as an added benefit to some of the hotel’s suites, with a reserved parking space and the freedom to explore the city in which you are, with the greatest comfort in the world.
Not only that, contemporary design with Mediterranean influences with a perfect combination of architecture, are also part of the style of the OD hotels.
The hotels also have an “OD Sky Bar” to allow guests to enjoy the best vibes and exclusive views through the terrace, with drinks and lots of music.
The newest hotel of the line is the OD Barcelona, ​​with 98 rooms, open all year round, located in the most “Trend” area of the city, as well as being considered one of the 10 most sustainable hotels.

Culture & Trend can not wait to visit it.
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