English Oak the new fragrance by Jo Malone London

A new fragrance was born in Jo Malone London’s home, English Oak, a line created through exploration of forests and English wood. The main source of inspiration was the forests, mainly the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire that expresses magic and mystery, as well as of course the oak, symbol of power and nobility. Speaking of oaks, this tree is unique, majestic and mysterious, adding depth to the fragrance, giving a feeling of intensity. To extract these rich and noble wood properties was made an exclusive process for Jo Malone London through high temperature smoke, creating a sweet, enveloping base. The collection originally started with a unique scent, English Oak & Hazelnut, but during different experiments, another irresistible scent, called English Oak and Redcurrant, was created, softer than the original that is spicy and woody.” One of the curiosity of this line is that the perfumes can be mixed with other…

Healthy menu at Squirrel London

During the madness of fashion week it is difficult to find time to sit and eat calmly, so we always choose places that can serve something quick and preferably healthy. We had the privilege of lunching at the Squirrel Restaurant, which offers a great variety of super healthy salads, sandwiches and drinks. The concept of the restaurant is Grab & Go, and was opened in the summer of 2016 in South Kensington, the privileged area of ​​London.” We went there to have a quick but tasty lunch and it was exactly what we found, a salad dish rich in delicious ingredients and to accompany it, a juice with vegetables. Every day, food is prepared in local cuisine to meet a menu that has been carefully organized by a nutritionist. Squirrel is open from 7am is also the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, with a morning menu that includes breakfast with…

Giada – SS18

Another exciting parade took place during the MFW, and this is the Italian brand Giada, who for the next summer sought inspiration in the blueprints of Susan Weil and José Betancourt. Landscaping and botanical images and portraits emerge from offset photographic images and become the icon of the collection, building a precious imaginary world.” The color palette is made with various shades, especially gray and white, protagonists of this collection. The silhouettes are developed vertically and are constructed in fluid lines that give a very special line to skirts and trousers. The classic maxi shirt turns into a cotton and silk coat, a blouse or even a dress, and it’s not just the piece that undergoes metamorphosis, especially accessories and jewels. To find out more about Jade’s world, check out the photos below:

Stella Jean – SS18

Stella Jean always has exciting shows, and for the spring / summer of 2018 the show wasn’t different. La Paz and Bolivia are the places where the designer has sought inspiration for her new lively collection! Following her heritage, Stella Jean has been dragged from the legendary story that these women of this place write each day. Indigenous women with hair wrapped in long braids, discriminated for decades mainly because of their clothes, are known to proudly impose their independence. The whole collection wears strong garments, like the character of the idealized woman by Stella, a strong Latin woman who struggles for her goals.” The garments represent exactly the concept of empowerment of women, with colorful and traditional clothes that is characterized by a spectacular encounter of pride and power!

Aquilano.Rimondi SS18

The Milan fashion week has began, and one of the first shows we had the pleasure to see was the brand Aquilano Rimondi, which for the spring / summer 2018 brought the graphic sense of the essential geometries along with a very practical elegance. All these well-combined elements are suitable for a woman who wants to be sporty without having to give up on elegance. In fact, the simple mix of primary colors and brand logo give life to energy-generating garments.” Essential cuts, asymmetrical and plisse shapes are able to create harmoniously ultra-natural femininity. The white shirt, iconic piece and brand DNA are reinterpreted and redesigned in large volumes. The knit and vinyl are some of the precious and natural fabrics that worked with an Italian tailoring, which made it possible to produce high quality fabric!

A Chinese experience with Chai Wu

Culture & Trend flew to London for LFW (London Fashion Week). It was three intense days but with a lot of surprises, including the Chai Wu restaurant, located in an extremely privileged location: the 5th floor of the famous Harrods store. Chai Wu offers sophisticated and innovative Chinese cuisine.” The sea bass served with a golden leaf and lobster dumpling surmounted with Beluga caviar are some of the excellent dishes you can try there. Our team was able to appreciate a very varied banquet that ranged from spring-rolls to seafood noodles, all of top-class and rich in flavors. Improving the Chai Wu experience is the interior of the restaurant, based on the five elements of Chinese philosophy: water, metal, wood, earth and fire, creating an elegant and intimate design for every occasion. The restaurant is a true shrine full of flavors to deepen the Chinese universe. We hope to return…

Our stay in London with Cheval Residences

Those who accompany the Culture & Trend team saw a few of our days in London during the London Fashion Week and also saw that we were in a wonderful apartment in the historic neighborhood of South Kensington. These are the luxury suites of the Cheval Residences group, which offer “Home Away From Home” style apartments located in various areas of London, including some of the most chic; Cheval Gloucester Park, Cheval Thorney Court, Cheval Knightsbridge, Cheval Calico House, Cheval Harrington Court, Cheval Hyde Park Gate, Cheval Phoenix House e Cheval Three Quays.  Each of the eight residences has its own style, but all them shares the same lifestyle. The Cheval Harrington Court is a contemporary and elegant space in the heart of lively South Kensington, two minutes from South Kensington Tube Station, which facilitated our lives since the subway was our means of transport during the days there.” The…

A Magical Place Called Osteria Del Portone

Another gourmet tip for you.  This time this is the Osteria del Portone, which combines tradition and innovation in its dishes, a few steps from Milan. The inn was born in the distance of 1722 and since then it enchants customers and visitors with a delicious menu made of dishes revisited in a simple but tasteful way.” Culture & Trend had the opportunity to have a dinner at the Osteria, and had a great experience of flavors already starting from bread, strictly made at home. In addition to the room accommodating up to 90 guests, the place has a beautiful garden, a bar to enjoy some drinks and, a cellar, a truly magical place. But let’s talk about delicious and magical flavors such as the horse tartare with a “Parisi” egg, an absolute must-have, along with Risotto Carnaroli San Massimo with goat Montevecchia with lemon scent, but you can not…

Interview for The Wink Clinique

A few months ago I gave an interview to my favorite beauty & care brand: Clinique. And this week it finally came out that is super cool! It was a morning of photos and many curiosities about my work, which amused me a lot. Clinique works with an excellent team, for which our magazine has a great affection, so it was incredible to work with them again. To check the interview for the Clinique The Wink platform in full, just click on the link below: – Idee e Ispirazioni: Una giornata (molto glossy) con Juliane.

Travel Diary: Forte dei Marmi w/ Kiabi

The Culture & Trend team loves to explore new places, and this time we met Forte dei Marmi, a luxury destination on the Italian coast. We spent two days in town with Kiabi. To take this trip with us, check out our Travel Diary: We went to Forte Dei Marmi with the Kiabi family and other friends, a hilarious female team! During our stay we had various activities, but the coolest one was exploring Forte dei Marmi and Versilia by bicycle, literally entering the mood of “Estate Italiana”. We stayed at Hotel Mondial in Versilia, which welcomed us with a delicious lunch. Among other things, our “Welcome” was filled with Kiabi’s surprises, which led us to explore the city and relax on the beach of the historic “La Bussola” beach establishment, which has been operating in Versilia since 1995, we spent a relaxing afternoon Between the sea and the pool (and…