Postcards for home decor

First, postcards were a much used as souvenir than now: when you traveled, it was a must to buy one to send to your loved ones.  Nowadays, we do not see much of this practice, but are still on sale all over the world and still have their charm.  Postcards re printed with beautiful landscapes or iconic images of the place , so here it is a good idea: how about collecting your postcards to use them in the decor of your room? The result is very unique! Take a look at the inspirations we’ve brought for you:  The first suggestion is to put the postcards on the boards! Using your own creativity. Glue them on the wall is simple and can provide a special corner in your room! Put them all together to create a different format or just put them close together. We like the idea of ​​doing it on a wall with…

Home Decor: Wall Stickers with Tenstickers

 Fashion lovers and the ones who love to follow trends, carry this passion even for the place in which they live, decorating the home with small details that often make a huge difference. Do you know that wall that is empty and you’re still not able to find an object that can embellish it in the way you really want? A gold tip is to decorate rooms in the home, or even some items – computers, for example – personalizing them a stylish and fashion , with the wall stickers! This craze that has become a trend became known through Pinterest, where several photos were and are published in form of inspiration for decoration. But where to find these famous and beautiful stickers? Tenstickers is present in over 10 countries in Europe and offers the latest technologies on the market, which allows the creation of endless options of stickers. The…