Fashion Week


Ultràchic FW 18/19

Who accompanies us knows that at the beginning, one of the first brands that dressed us for our first fashion week was Ultràchic Milano. And in this fall / winter season in Milan fashion week, the brand made its debut on the runways, with an irreverent, ironic and creative show! The inspiration of Diego Dossola, was a wardrobe of the ’70s, with references to tennis stars, Borg and McEnroe.” Inspirations to recreate daring and unexpected combinations and adaptations! A mixture of styles, fabrics and shapes that make this new collection a single mash-up to discover. The brand, collection after collection, does not lose its DNA, or combine, in a perfectly balanced contrast, the sophistication of the cuts of an ultra-feminine wardrobe with totally unique prints, capricious and irreverent, representing a woman who is sure of herself, decidedly independent and contemporary.

Giada – SS18

Another exciting parade took place during the MFW, and this is the Italian brand Giada, who for the next summer sought inspiration in the blueprints of Susan Weil and José Betancourt. Landscaping and botanical images and portraits emerge from offset photographic images and become the icon of the collection, building a precious imaginary world.” The color palette is made with various shades, especially gray and white, protagonists of this collection. The silhouettes are developed vertically and are constructed in fluid lines that give a very special line to skirts and trousers. The classic maxi shirt turns into a cotton and silk coat, a blouse or even a dress, and it’s not just the piece that undergoes metamorphosis, especially accessories and jewels. To find out more about Jade’s world, check out the photos below:

Stella Jean – SS18

Stella Jean always has exciting shows, and for the spring / summer of 2018 the show wasn’t different. La Paz and Bolivia are the places where the designer has sought inspiration for her new lively collection! Following her heritage, Stella Jean has been dragged from the legendary story that these women of this place write each day. Indigenous women with hair wrapped in long braids, discriminated for decades mainly because of their clothes, are known to proudly impose their independence. The whole collection wears strong garments, like the character of the idealized woman by Stella, a strong Latin woman who struggles for her goals.” The garments represent exactly the concept of empowerment of women, with colorful and traditional clothes that is characterized by a spectacular encounter of pride and power!

Aquilano.Rimondi SS18

The Milan fashion week has began, and one of the first shows we had the pleasure to see was the brand Aquilano Rimondi, which for the spring / summer 2018 brought the graphic sense of the essential geometries along with a very practical elegance. All these well-combined elements are suitable for a woman who wants to be sporty without having to give up on elegance. In fact, the simple mix of primary colors and brand logo give life to energy-generating garments.” Essential cuts, asymmetrical and plisse shapes are able to create harmoniously ultra-natural femininity. The white shirt, iconic piece and brand DNA are reinterpreted and redesigned in large volumes. The knit and vinyl are some of the precious and natural fabrics that worked with an Italian tailoring, which made it possible to produce high quality fabric!

Les Hommes SS18

Another Milan Men Fashion Week concludes successfully! You could follow a little through our Instagram, the madness of those days that have passed, full of shows and presentations. Today we finish the Italian Spring / Summer 2018 men season , with the  Les Hommes parade, that happened last Saturday, in a wonderful palace in Milan! The brand’s creative directors, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, drew inspiration from the culture of the East, exploring in the folds of history re-reading the modern version of a wardrobe that resembles tradition as it watches the future.  The collection has a range of urban footprints, following the heritage of the brand that comes back with Asian references. The pieces come with loops, chains and belts that overlap, creating geometric figures and giving rise to a comfortable armor, fresh and ultra contemporary. The jacquard, the highlight of the work of Notte and Vandebosch, appears in…

The James Bond Men by Bilionaire

Men, watch out! For next Spring / Summer, Billionaire collection is inspired by the glamorous world of James Bond. Secret Agent 007 has a lot in common with the brand’s new collection: both are international jetsetters, lifelong playboys and always on a mission. They live life as they drive their cars, fast but always in control. The summer wardrobe, from the man devised by Billionaire, has versatile pieces, which can be combined with each other, both day and night. Everything is very easy to-go, but attention, each piece has a special detail, because the class is always, always present! The color chart is very lively, and alternates between the exotic places that the Billionaire man moves, such as: Saint Tropez, St Barths, Belize and Jamaica. To know more about this collection, check out the photos:

Plein Sport – SS18

Welcome to a futuristic vision of gladiatorial combat, a world where only the strongest survive and win is the only goal. Let the games begin, this is the sports line signed by Philipp Plein, the so called Plein Sport! Culture & Trend went to check out the gym line show for next spring / summer 2018 which has a complete segment of clothes and accessories for sports, such as: hoddies, sweatshirts, leggings, vests, all produced with technical and innovative fabrics designed to adapt and change according to the demands of the body during the workout, keeping the body temperature cool while the temperature caused by the exercises increases, and keeping dry as the exercise intensifies. The Plein Sport line combines materials of netting and streching, making each piece move along with the body. The news of the collection are the sneakers, including an extensible sock version, incorporating a unique cutting…

Philipp Plein SS18 – Fast & Glorious

Dear readers, fasten your seat belts because Philipp Plein’s engines have been lit and the speed is high! Every season, Philipp Plein surprises his guests by presenting a real show during fashion week! This time, as always, the parade reached a very high speed and the spectators were well open-mouth. Culture & Trend team had the pleasure to attend this fashion parade/show, which happened last Saturday, June 17 in Milan during the Men’s Fashion Week. For the upcoming Spring / Summer 2018, Philipp Plein revives and unleashes a swift, glorious parade in a pedal-to-the-metal style with pieces inspired by the celebrated Grease movie. The models represented juvenile delinquents from West Side Story, with their cigarettes tucked behind their ears. These rock and roll “rebels” paraded in their jeans and of course leather jackets that were covered with flags, skulls and “Glorious Bastards” insignia, and jeans, were decorated with flames. Plein’s…