Open Your Eyes

The fluid fabrics stole the fashion scene. It appeared on the last fashion weeks spring / summer and will again be one of the strongest trends for this hot season. The fluids clothes had a fresh and light air , and can be worn by any woman. Lately I opted for comfort, so I’m using many sportswear pieces. For this production, I chose two pieces from the same brand, 5Preview – which incidentally, is a brand that I met recently, and its collections represent exactly my style -. On foot, to stay with comfort without forgetting the style, the choice was a pair of white sneakers. Not to seem a way too sporty, some accessories are essential to enrich and make the outfit more beautiful, such as the Happiness Boutique maxi necklace.    IT- I tessuti fluidi hanno rubato la scena nell’universo della moda. Sono apparsi nell’ultima settimana di moda…