alessandro michele


Gucci Resort – 2017

Westminster Abbey, the Gothic cathedral, located in the heart of London, as well as being one of the places where are required some of the most significant historical events of the United Kingdom (such as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton), was also headquarters of last of the Gucci Resort show signed by the designer Alessandro Michele. The fashion house has been confirmed as one of the “coolest” of the moment, showing on the catwalk, for the Resort season, 94 hypnotic looks full of details with artistic references. Some dresses seemed to be straight out of the closet of a mother from ’70, as the stylized jeans that resemble those worn by skinheads. To these have been added: mix of prints, ultra romantic dresses, contrasted to other fluids, pajama-style garments, jackets, jeans with various patches and T-shirts. After all, even the basic can be trendy! Bravo Alessandro Michele,…

The Highlights of Milan Fashion Week

After New York, London, Milan closed the third and penultimate round of the “Fashion Month”, almost all are already in Paris to discover the trends that will bring in the French city. But what were the highlights of the Italian fashion capital? Let’s discover them now!IT- Dopo New York, Londra, Milano ha chiuso la terza e penultima tappa del “Fashion Month”, quasi tutti sono già a Parigi per scoprire le tendenze che porteranno nella città francese. Ma quali sono stati gli highlights della capitale della moda italiana? Andiamo a scoprirli ora! PT- Após New York, London, Milan fechou a terceira e penúltima etapa do “Fashion Month”, quase todos estão já em Paris para descobrir as tendências que a cidade francesa irá trazer. Mas quais foram os highlights da capital da moda italiana? Vamos descobrir agora!   “King Giorgio” name given by the Italians, ended the Milan calendar with the right…