Arctic Monkeys


Knee Socks

Today’s Look is a reference of the fashion of the 90s, the knee-high socks as they are called, is casually also the name of a song of my favorite band (Arctic Monkeys). I can say that this is an Outfit very special, my favorite of all the ones I’ve done so far, for the music, for the style and for my purple hair. The knee socks were a hit in the ’90s, and appeared in the movie “Clueless”, which was an absolutely success. And currently the oldest trends are becoming popular as current trends, and this time it’s up to the socks, which make up a pretty college look. The socks can be matched with various garments: skirts, shorts and dresses. But you do have to have a little precautionary when creating a look with this kind of socks, so I will give you a couple of tips: – Not…