Trendy-Boots You Must Have Now!

What are the coolest boots of the season? If you asked yourself the same question, don’t worry Culture & Trend has led the response (with photos and labels) for you! Sometimes a beautiful and special accessorie, such as a right shoe, makes a difference, especially when the outfit is simple. The boots models are infinite (or almost), and satisfy all tastes. Here the most fashionable ones: IT- Quali sono gli stivali più trendy della stagione? Ti sei fatto la la stessa domanda? Culture & Trend ha portato la risposta (con foto e marchi) per voi! Talvolta un accessorio bello e speciale, come una scarpa giusta, fa la differenza, soprattutto quando l’outfit è semplice. I modelli di stivali sono infiniti (o quasi), e soddisfano tutti i gusti. Qui i più “fashionable”: PT- Quais são as botas – tendência da estação? Você se fez a mesma pergunta? Culture & Trend trouxe a…

White is a State of Mind

EN- White is my favorite color, at first I thought it was just a phase, because sometimes we have those moments when we like just one color …. but then I started to see that I almost always gave preference to wear clothes of that color. I know that white is not a color that pleases everyone, especially the white pants … a lot of girls can not even see them. But I, I have different pants, shirts, shorts, jackets of this color, and I can always easily create combinations that I love. Today I will show you an Outfit wearing with two pieces that I’m using a lot lately: white jeans and maxi blue and white cardigan. The two together have created a perfect harmony, and accessories like the bag from Baginc and the belt highlighting the waist, added a more elegant touch to the Outfit. Take a look:…