1st Day of Milan Fashion Week

The Milan fashion week has officially started today (September 23). Let’s say that the day of Culture & Trend and everyone in the Italian city of fashion, started cold and rainy (I really mean it) … Actually as I’m writing this article, the rain continues to fall outside. The problem is not the cold itself, but the rain, which so impairs the appointments that a person has during the day, especially in this period of #MFW. But tomorrow, according to the weather we can enjoy a day without rain (pleaseeeee God)!!! During fashion week, people usually dares in their productions, as clothes and accessories more particular, it’s like a week where everyone enters into the game and plays (literally) with the world of fashion, risking even new styles. Our choice was very special, since we did not expect all this cold, a bit more informal under, and over a maxi…

White is a State of Mind

EN- White is my favorite color, at first I thought it was just a phase, because sometimes we have those moments when we like just one color …. but then I started to see that I almost always gave preference to wear clothes of that color. I know that white is not a color that pleases everyone, especially the white pants … a lot of girls can not even see them. But I, I have different pants, shirts, shorts, jackets of this color, and I can always easily create combinations that I love. Today I will show you an Outfit wearing with two pieces that I’m using a lot lately: white jeans and maxi blue and white cardigan. The two together have created a perfect harmony, and accessories like the bag from Baginc and the belt highlighting the waist, added a more elegant touch to the Outfit. Take a look:…