Beach Looks


Cover Up Dress For The City

Who has seen my first propose, wearing a Cover up on a look for the city? Today I propose a new look … Recalling that, of course, it depends very much on the model of the piece, as there are some pieces made only to be used on the beach or by the pool. But, as Cia Maritima, in addition to make beautiful bikinis, also they produce ultra versatile Cover Ups, able to adapt in different ways, like the other Outfit for the city that I have managed to create. Just explore the creativity and choose the right accessories, they can further enrich the production. Such as, in my case I used a golden clutch that matched the hues in the suit, and my sandal from Sante Shoes, that lately I’m using it in most of my productions, as well as being also one of the color trends.IT- Chi ha…

When The Beauty Meets The Versatility

The Cover Ups have recently gained more and more space in our Beach Looks. After all it is not just the bikini that counts, is a whole thing, a complete look, now even small details such as the accessories (necklaces, bracelets, etc.) are gaining more and more space. But what about when a cover up that means to be wore on the beach is so beautiful and versatile that we can use it on a look for the “city”, as if it were a normal dress? Well, when the beauty match the versatility that is what happens, it depends only on the creativity and how each one like to fit the piece to your style. I confess that I did not a big deal to create the production, the dress with a print full of colors alone was able to give life and joy to the Outfit, but I like…