Suitcases ready? But are you sure you’re not forgetting something? You need three essential Biotherm products, which can not miss in your summer beauty case! Only after you try it, your travel kit will be literally done. To start, nothing better than to prepare the body and skin with Body Refirm Stretch Oil, immediately improving skin elasticity, and, of course, nourishing and repairing it. For protection, the new solar liquid Wet Or Dry Skin is super easy, it can be applied before or after the bath and is absorbed quickly by the skin, and is ultra refreshing. To complete, the new fragrance Eau Soleil, intense and fresh, as if the summer was literally on our skin. Among the notes, we can mention the warmth and sensuality of the fig tree, which joins the freshness of lemon. Only after the addition of these three products, the bag for the holidays will…

Acquasource Everplump – Biotherm

Summer has finally arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is at this time that our skin needs more hydration. The care in this time of year should be doubled, especially on the face, which is more sensitive to very high temperatures. To keep a pompous and soft skin, Biotherm experts have created a high-density gel, powerful like a serum, thick as a balm and soft as a finish. Acquasource Everplump is intended to be applied to the face in the morning and / or evening, suitable for all skin types and enriched with Blue Hyaluron™, a natural plumping booster which comes from marine organisms. The gel moisturizes and refreshes the skin with a single touch. When in contact with the face, Everplumo instantly gives a freshness sensation. A real must-have for this season! IT- L’estate è finalmente arrivata nell’emisfero settentrionale, ed è in questo momento che la nostra pelle…