Create Hi-Lo combinations, which consists to combine/mix more formal garments together with other informal ones, it is one of the most interesting games in this fashion universe. In addition to stimulating creativity, we can create many different and stylish outfits. Since, in this case the dress worn alone could easily be considered elegant, and intended to be used in a more formal occasion. To break this aspect, two pieces were essential: the varsity jacket that was revised and modernized with fringes on the sleeves, and sneakers, which are far from being a trivial model as it is very stylized and conceptual. Combine the three pieces, always looking for a balance between them – though belonging to different styles: dress (formal), jacket (informal), sneakers (sportswear) – the result is, in most cases, a fashion production with  personality. To get an idea of ​​what it is, look at this idea that was…