Carol Maya


Urban Women in the Night

The glamour is for all, when it comes to production for the evening. Hair, makeup, accessories … every detail really makes a difference! Playing with hair and take the right posture on heels, turns any woman. Position. Destination. Wherever is your show tonight, glam is the first step in the production. What clothes should I wear? Comfort, Elegance, Sensuality, style. Well, those are the images that each one wants to convey and feeling at that time, it will make a woman much more secure and happy. Ask this question to yourself! After all, in the days of the race, nobody wants to lose a night’s sleep, and that flawless makeup with fake smiles. Be sure when you leave home, it makes you different from the others, who dress for others. Learn to identify is important. I like, I don’t like, short, too short, too boring, too tight. Heal what you…

Urban Women

Wake up early, have breakfast running, spend the day out and often the night as well, requires a well-planned (aka versatile) production. On the bag or often a backpack, there are always some power practical options, makeup, a second Outfit option, or maybe a key-piece to change our “work face” . The quest for a Urban Women for something is great, be it an easy target or a little less one, is one of those personalities is remarkable and an inspiration to friends and people’s daily life. They are very expressive. Each with a different lifestyle, but the style definitions are very similar. Comfy clothes. The Urban Woman, self define. Riding pants, leggings, Jeans, trousers, make life a lot more practical for us woman. Try to imagine you today with your daily life, using wire skirt, to support rotated dress, walking up and down, as it was at the time…