Fringed Poncho

What happens when the Les Autres team takes you on a photo shoot? Surely you can expect only the best of the best. Well, once again Gigi Les Autres and his team have prepared me to shoot, this time an Outfit simple, but with a key piece: a poncho with fringes. Camel color appeared much in recent seasons … And by the way will remain strong also in the upcoming ones… The most highlighted part of the Outfit is certainly the fringed poncho with the color trend. The piece is a style that I do not wear so often, but I really like, the Boho. But now this poncho has become one of my favorite pieces, and I can already imagine several other options of Outfit to continue using it. And you? What do you think of the Boho style? IT- Cosa succede quando il team Les Autres ti accompagna…

Girls Wearing Men’s Shirts

EN- I like to watch other fashion sites, Instagram profiles to find new inspiration on fashion. I always find a lot of interesting ideas, and sometimes even a small detail in the picture or article, open up a world of new ideas for both outfits, that for the photos I take. I saw a lot of pictures of girls wearing men’s shirts in their outfits, but since I started to see often this “trend”, for me it was super cool and very stylish, but only in the other girls , because I thought I would look very awkward hahaha.  Until I decided to risk (before I was too afraid to try something new in this fashion world, but now I play, if it works it’s great, if doesn’t, it’s a learning haha) .  From the moment I wore the shirt and I looked myself in the mirror, love happened! And…