Christmas by Desigual

The city of almost the entire world are decorated and ultra lit for Christmas. The windows are all in theme and this Christmas mood awakens us a good feeling. And speaking of good feelings, the joy and the fun were the main points of the Christmas video from Desigual. The brand is greeting merry Christmas with a joyful and lively video. The manager was the London-based young director and photographer Oliver Hadle Pearch. The video, titled “Christmas by Desigual”, was filmed in Bucharest, in an indoor location with models that perfectly interpreted the brand’s DNA: cheerful, lively, dancing to a song very cheerful. The message that Desigual passes through the video is to break free and follow the wave of positivity that surrounds us. Press PLAY to get a dose of joy that will involve you too:   IT- Le città di quasi tutto il mondo sono decorate e ultra…