Master Contour by Maybelline

The contourig has become a strong “trend” in the beauty world. The technique has been around for a long time, but first was focused on the cinematograph scene, and only now has begun to be used as a daily make-up for some. The technic exalts and accentuates the shape of the face, and it hide some imperfections. But we have to pay a little attention, because this game of light and shadow is not so simple … Actually, it was not, because now, thanks to Maybelline, everything has become much easier and practical. Let us introduce you to the new Master Contour! A pencil 2 in 1, that allows us to get a professional result of Contouring, but in simplified form. The texture is creamy, which facilitates the application. But why 2 in 1? Contour Master is done half dark to sculpt, and the other half light to lighten. Another…