Crema personalizzata


Crema personalizzata by Bottega Verde

Everything that is customized becomes more special and unique. Especially when it comes to something that promotes health of our beauty. Every woman has a skin type and needs different from each other, then a moisturizer may not be the same for everyone, it is for this reason that care needs to be specific. Thinking about it, Bottega Verde, known in Italy as a leader in skin care, has created a unique and innovative project: an anti-aging cream. The creation of this cream is divided into 3 essential steps: The first thing is to do a skin analysis, in this case, Jessica member of the Culture & Trend team, went to meet the Bottega Verde team to analyze the type and needs of her skin, in this first phase , which measures the level of hydration of the skin and other necessary information, you can also choose the cream perfume,…