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YSL Black Opium. A New Dose Of Sensuality & Rock

Are you ready for a new exciting dose of adrenaline? Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has launched the new fragrance Black Opium Eau de Toilette, unlike the previous version Eau Parfum, with floral notes and green coffee …. resulting in a perfume enigmatic, sensual and mysterious! But what makes it different? Black Opium is a mystery full of sensuality and rock. A coffee floral that will turn heads. Everything came revisited, including the iconic bottle that this time is interpreted in black made of glitter embellished with touches of a very soft pink, sparkling outpouring of a new femininity! It’s the details that make this fragrance a total dependence for those who try! And you? Have you already taken your dose of sensuality and mystery today? IT- Siete pronti per una nuova dose elettrizzante di adrenalina? Yves Saint Laurent Beauté ha lanciato la nuova fragranza Black Opium Eau Toilette, a differenza…