davide bowie


Goodbye to a legend: David Bowie

A sad news has awoken the world of music this morning. David Bowie has died at age 69, the singer has struggled with cancer for 18 months. The British artist celebrated his 69 years birthday on January 8, celebrating also the release of the new album “Blackstar”. The global influence of Bowie won artists of different styles and types. He was married since 1992 with the model Iman, with whom he has a daughter, Bowie leaves another son, Duncan Jones, from his first marriage to Angela Bowie.  Among his multiple skills, it stood out for its facets as an actor, record producer and arranger, but also revered as an icon of fashion, for his ability to dress with its decorations and to play with his own image!   Rest in peace David Bowie.  IT- Una triste notizia ha svegliato il mondo della musica questa mattina. David Bowie è morto a 69…