News For Your Beauty Routine: Skinius

Here we are bringing more of the world’s beauty to you! We recently met the Italian brand Skinius, which was founded in 2017 by the biologist Mariagrazia Boniardi, in 2007. Skinius derives from English (skin) and Latin (ius – right) is a company that does research on dermo – cosmetics anti – age. The scientific innovation of Skinius is the Fospidina complex, which is made from phospholipids extracted from soy and glucosamine, to act directly on the cells, halt the aging process and improve skin blemishes. The newest product of the Skinius beauty & care line, is the Delika micellar water, which removes make-up, and other aggressive agents from our skin. The product was specifically designed for the most sensitive skins with the innovative micellar formulation and designed specifically to give freshness, cleansing, toning and hydration to our face, a 4 in 1 product! Its special formula is based on…