How To Recover From Summer Vacation

 For many of us, the summer vacation, practically ended … It is time to return to normal routines, focusing on work and / or school. But it is not only to work and study that we must focus our attention, since after the holidays some of our habits tend to change, such as: great sun exposure, nutrition unregulated and most of the time, unhealthy. When this change occurs, even temporarily, our body and skin feel and suffer the difference. So, what can you do to start over? Well, in the summer we tend to overdo it (because we deserve it), but take care of ourselves after that period is ultra necessary. IT- Per tanti di noi, le vacanze estive, in pratica si sono concluse … È ora di ritornare alla normale routine, concentrandosi sul lavoro e / o scuola. Ma non è solo al lavoro e allo studio che dobbiamo…