Details make all the difference

EN- Details make all the difference, this sentence sounds very cliché, but it’s true. Today, the details of which I refer are: a shoe, an accessory, a different cut on a piece of clothing and many other things. I expected to the winter pass, and spring came to finally wear this blouse. I had never experienced this model, because we often do not imagine ourselves wearing certain types of clothing. With me at least it works well, at first sight, without even wearing a particular piece, I do not like … But then when I wear it, I often find styles that suit me, and so I go, adapting myself to pieces and styles that are good for my body type. I learned that we have to balance many things, to avoid exaggerations. And it works! I really liked this blouse with this model that seems to be all “stuck”,…

Girls Wearing Men’s Shirts

EN- I like to watch other fashion sites, Instagram profiles to find new inspiration on fashion. I always find a lot of interesting ideas, and sometimes even a small detail in the picture or article, open up a world of new ideas for both outfits, that for the photos I take. I saw a lot of pictures of girls wearing men’s shirts in their outfits, but since I started to see often this “trend”, for me it was super cool and very stylish, but only in the other girls , because I thought I would look very awkward hahaha.  Until I decided to risk (before I was too afraid to try something new in this fashion world, but now I play, if it works it’s great, if doesn’t, it’s a learning haha) .  From the moment I wore the shirt and I looked myself in the mirror, love happened! And…