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With the winter knocking on our door, the care of our skin, especially the face, should double. So today we talk about the masks of the dermo cosmetic brand Dr. Jart +. The range includes different solutions according to the different needs that each skin needs.” The first line we will talk about is Dermask, silky and moisturizing, has a thinner microfibre base. There are 7 types of masks within this line, with effects ranging from soothing the skin and the inflammations that acne can cause, close the pores and more. Thanks to its silky consistency, the mask adheres perfectly to the skin, thus ensuring complete absorption of the active ingredients. The second line is called Rubber Mask Dr. Jart +, is based on the modeling technique, offering a look action. The line has 3 products: Rubber Mask Moisturizing Rubber Mask Illuminating Rubber Mask Toning The third line is called…

Shake and Shot DR. JART

What’s new in the beauté world? Today we bring you the new facial masks of Dr. Jart +. For those who do not know, the brand was born in Seoul in 2004 by a great dermatologist Dr. SungJae Jung with the support of his friend Chin Wook Lee, a young entrepreneur who was impressed by the spirit and experience of Dr. Sungjae Jung. And after 3 years of experiments, they created Dr. Jart +, now available in 15 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.” Their new masks are available in Shake & Shot format, where you blend, shake and apply! There are three types: moisturizing, soothing and toning. The product adapts perfectly to every skin type and consists of two distinct elements: a booster and a syringe applicator. The preparation is very simple, just pour the booster into the container and stir, activating the creamy formula…