duomo di milano


Black Dress In Milan

Milan. Piazza Duomo. 6am. Three vital information of this editorial… This was by far one of the most beautiful works, modesty aside, I’ve done so far. Piazza Duomo (Milan) is the city’s main square, where there are very large tourist spots. Among them one of the world’s most famous churches of the Gothic and neo-classical style, the “Duomo di Milano”. I would say that the location chosen for this shooting was truly special and very cultural. When I saw the result of this work, I wanted to immediately publish all pictures, but I was detained (successfully), and finally today I can finally post them and show to you. The photos definitely talk a lot more of my words, so I’ll leave the judgment to you:IT- Milano. Piazza Duomo. 6 del mattino. Tre informazioni vitali su questo editoriale… Questo è stato di gran lunga uno dei lavori più belli, modestia parte,…