Flare Pants


Dare to Wear

Dare, risk, leave the comfort zone … Whatever the word, or the way you use to represent the act of experiencing something new, the important thing is to do it and play without fear (ok, a bit of fear it is normal and allowed). If someone had proposed me the same outfit I wear today, two years ago, I have no doubt of what would be my answer. The way I look and see this vast world of fashion has changed drastically, from today I can say that I risk more, I literally entered in the game, no longer stuck in my area where things “exaggerated” or “different ” were absolutely not part. It obvious that I still love the classic and basic … But the modern, the different … Oh, these are fascinating to me lately! The mature part of the way we see things is the best thing…

Flare Pants #BrazilianConnection

EN- In the mid ’60s and’ 70s, the trend stronger were the “groovy pants”, and was an indispensable piece. Even Jimi Hendrix joined himself in this fashion trend. Over the years, we are able to see the most current reinterpretation of past trends and groovy pants are now being called “flare”, currently has a simple and essential cut and is less flashy. Besides,  that can be worn in any style accordingly to your own way of matching. So it was right to create a look with these pants, I chose simple and basic pieces for the composition, and I think that are key pieces to have in our wardrobe: A t-shirt and a jeans vest. Particularly, I enjoyed the “third piece” – that would be the vest – in my outfit, cause play with the texture and leave visibly pleasing the proportions. And to not make the mistake when we…