Michael Kors Introduces: The Gold Collection

Perfumes … One of the great passions of women, who seek the “scent” to call it as your own, and when they find the one it is difficult to exchange it for another. Michael Kors, world-renowned designer, has launched a new luxurious and seductive line of fragrances: The Gold Collection! The collection includes three fragrances carefully selected and designed by the “Michael Kors’ Woman”, offering a fragrance for every occasion, mood and personal taste. White Luminous Gold: Sparkling and sensual, the fragrance is a blend of pear, jasmine and amber, featuring an exotic and brilliant note. 24K Brilliant Gold: feminine and seductive, with citrus notes of tangerine and floral touches. Rose Radiant Gold: tasty and hypnotic, attracts an energetic mixture of fruit, with intense floral notes that give a fascinating femininity. Kors explained the need of the trio of fragrances: “It ‘s the mood you are in. Women have many…