Floral Trousers in Marrakech

Juliane my sister, she has already given an introduction of our trip to Morocco, and one of the days we were in the red city we went to visit a museum located in the old city, and it’s called:dar si said.That certainly worth visiting, is a place where you know a little more of the Moroccan culture, with objects and works of art that tell the history of the city and the country. One of the things I like most of Marrakech, are the gardens, and the doors with ornaments, Mosaic, and the incredible architecture! Both, walk through the museum, me and Juliane we get lost (I had no doubt that this would happen hahaha), and getting lost we discovered an outside area inside the museum, which surprised us by its beauty. And looking at that garden, we decided to shoot there, because it would be a waste not to…