Forte dei Marmi


Travel Diary: Forte dei Marmi w/ Kiabi

The Culture & Trend team loves to explore new places, and this time we met Forte dei Marmi, a luxury destination on the Italian coast. We spent two days in town with Kiabi. To take this trip with us, check out our Travel Diary: We went to Forte Dei Marmi with the Kiabi family and other friends, a hilarious female team! During our stay we had various activities, but the coolest one was exploring Forte dei Marmi and Versilia by bicycle, literally entering the mood of “Estate Italiana”. We stayed at Hotel Mondial in Versilia, which welcomed us with a delicious lunch. Among other things, our “Welcome” was filled with Kiabi’s surprises, which led us to explore the city and relax on the beach of the historic “La Bussola” beach establishment, which has been operating in Versilia since 1995, we spent a relaxing afternoon Between the sea and the pool (and…