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Nettari preziosi

We women love that our skin always leave a scent wherever we are, right? We try all the time different body creams, looking for a perfume, to be called “our”. Nettari Preziosi is a family of fragrant lines created by Bottega Verde, where nature is always the protagonist. The most representative flowers of Italian nature become a source of inspiration for the creation of olfactory profiles of great personality. Currently the line is composed of four different fragrances: Black Magnolia, Stunning Peony, Royal Gardenia and Gilded Lily, where each one tries to represent a type of woman. For example: The Gilded Lily expresses a solar woman who lives the life with enthusiasm and always with a smile on face. The Royal Gardenia is a magnetic woman, where elegance and beauty are different and always stand out. The Stunning Peony is perfect for a dreamer woman, who lives by emotions. Finally,…