Francesco Scognamiglio


Francesco Scognamiglio SS17

Francesco Scognamiglio, who also dressed Beyoncé, presented his collection at the Milan Fashion Week. After the experience in the last Haute Couture season, it seems to have developed and evolved the designer’s creativity, which in ready-to-wear runway has led one of the best collections ever presented by him. The inspiration was born in his childhood memories, like the circus, the clowns’ melancholy and even the silvery sheen of soap bubbles. But the inspiration goes beyond, while also exploring the memories of his father’s closet, an aristocratic man, and such featured a first-class and oversized wardrobe. Each Look has had a rich and unique detail, like a jacquard in gold brocade. Take a look: IT-  Francesco Scognamiglio, stilista che ha vestito anche Beyoncé, ha presentato la sua collezione durante la settimana della moda di Milano. Dopo l’esperienza nella stagione Alta moda, sembra essersi sviluppata ed evoluta la creatività del designer, che…